Monday, July 4, 2011

Goodbye, Rueben. I'll Miss You

Dear Rueben,

You’re more than just a dog to me.

Even though I know this blog post doesn’t really matter to you – seeing as you can’t read and all – I have to tell you that you have changed my life.

If it weren’t for you, it is very likely your parents wouldn’t have asked me to come to Mexico last summer, or return this summer. Without you, I wouldn’t have gotten to know them as well as I have, and reaped such amazing benefits from that friendship.

Without you, Rueben, I wouldn’t have had such a great reason to walk on the beach in Mexico twice a day, and I probably wouldn’t have walked as far if I hadn’t known we were looking for birds for you to chase. Without you, I never would have been reminded on a daily basis how important it is for me to enjoy being outside, in nature, and notice the beauty all around me.

Without you, I wouldn’t have found solace here – I maybe wouldn’t have found “here” at all. I certainly wouldn’t have met the nice veterinarian, or all the nice people on the beach who already knew you, and I probably wouldn’t have noticed all the lizards skittering through the yard if you weren’t chasing them. I wouldn’t have seen as many monstrous frogs, because they wouldn’t have been hanging out in your food and water dish.

I also wouldn’t have known how many crabs on the beach are probably permanently handicapped because you accidentally maimed them with your huge feet while you were trying to play. I wouldn’t have laughed as often or as much, especially of you sticking your head in the holes you dug in the sand trying to get your terrified crab friends to come out.

I wouldn’t have doubled over laughing watching you run into the flooded lagoon and being utterly surprised – but undeterred – when the bottom dropped out from under you and all of a sudden you had to swim to get to the birds you were chasing, now perched and watching you on the other side.

I wouldn’t have marveled at how fast you run chasing birds down the beach. I wouldn’t have been awoken in the middle of the night by trespassing dogs, people and horses half a mile off. I wouldn’t have had anyone to press their face into my legs so I could scratch behind their ears. I wouldn’t have been able to teach you how to high five.

In many ways you saved my life, Rueben, simply by being here. Getting to share your home with you gave me the time and resources to discover my passion again, what my life should truly be about, and what I need to do to get it.

So thank you, Rueben. I wish there was some way I could show you how much it all meant to me, but I know that the best I can do is take you on a few more walks and let you into the house sometimes, even though you stink from swimming in the lagoon. I wish you the best of bird chasing and crab discovery, and years of walks along the beach with new and old friends that love you.

Love and grateful kisses