Friday, July 17, 2015

Confessions of a Travel Addict, the book!

Hello, Invisible Audience.

Yes, I know. I fell off the map, like WAY off the map. And you know what? I'm not ready to come back yet. My life and my priorities have changed significantly since the last time I wrote, and keeping a weekly personal blog is just not on the list at the moment.

However, I have good news! I originally started this blog way back when as a potential marketing arm for a book I was writing called -- you guessed it -- Confessions of a Travel Addict. The blog became much more introspective than the book ever was -- the book is about all the funny travel adventures I've had while abroad, from back when I used to be funny.

At that time, I took all my funny travel stories from my adventures all over the world and made a book of short travel stories that can either be read as a chronological telling, or hopefully each chapter on its own. Then I spent a year researching how the publishing industry worked, and started sending this book out to publishers and collecting rejection letters, like a legit writer.

Then I got the idea for my cookbooks, and I shoved this book with the others I was working on into the electronic version of the closet.

Until now. Now, I have realized that I can't make it to the rest of the writing I want to do and am currently working on -- including the book I started in Panama -- if I don't clear out the backlog and clear out that electronic closet. And since my publishing company is named Travel Addict Publishing, clearly it makes sense that I would self-publish Confessions of a Travel Addict.

So here it is, without further ado, and in multiple formats, no less.

If you have Amazon Prime, you can check out the Kindle version for free.
If you want to buy it on Amazon directly in either the Kindle or Paperback version, click here.

Or if you'd like to buy it from me and get a signed version, click on the "Buy Now" button below. Cost is $12.95 per book. Shipping and handling is $5, regardless of how many books you buy; tax will be added automatically.

If you know someone else you think might enjoy it, please consider passing it on. 

Love and published kisses